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Dr. Velma Bagby loves the Lord with all her heart.  God is at the forefront of everything she does in life, ministry and in service to others.

As a Christian Coach  and a member of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors, Dr. Velma has coached/counseled over 20+ years, providing pastoral/pre-marital/marriage counseling.

After years of watching the pattern of today’s culture, she coached her two adult daughters in conversations about men. Encouraged by her daughters to help other single women, she wrote her first relationship-focused book based on those conversations and the book is now her go-to coaching guide. 

Dr. Velma was also inspired by her own blessed marriage of 46+ years to her high school sweetheart and does not hesitate to be transparent when she shares her personal journey, which is rich with tips for women prior to saying  “I do”. 

Dr. Velma is gifted in Helps and loves helping women discover the husband God has for them. Coaching is her heart. Through God’s Word she shares God’s original intent for the marriage process she calls Intentional Dating – dating as God intended, leads to marriage.

In her call-to-action, she encourages women to embrace their value as the prize during the initial preparation stages, but to also put in the work to overcome their past:  to break poor dating habits, to overcome the pain & hurt of poor past relationships, to lay aside every weight caused by a broken past. 

She says, “God cannot bring your Mr. Right if your heart is already occupied. Preparation is essential”.

Dr. Velma teaches the three love tiers: first love tier – start a relationship with Jesus Christ our 1st love; second love tier – learn to love and value yourself; third love tier – establish a love for your husband before he arrives.

“Intentional Dating - Dating as God intended, leads to marriage.”

As an Author, Dr. Velma is most passionate about sharing God’s truths, to inspire others to grow and live their best through His Word. She does this through the books she is inspired to write.  It is her desire that others find their hope in Jesus Christ and discover wisdom for life decisions found in God’s Word.

Dr. Velma retired from her job as a State Administrator after working 38 years. Although writing had been a part of her personal and work life, she did not began her journey as an Author until after retirement. Her first book aided her in discovering her voice of writing, but also launched her professional writing and coaching careers.

Initially Dr. Velma assumed Christian nonfiction was her genre as an Author. However, in January 2020, through prayer she was led to set daily writing goals, establish her coaching services and a publishing company. By August 2020, she had four book manuscripts, established Adoni Publishing, LLC and deviated from her relationship-focused topic to release her introduction to nonfiction – A Place Called Down-Why Christians Suffer – reflecting her own personal testimony of tests, trials and tribulation.

Dr, Velma admits initially questioning why Christian fiction? After reading a Christian blogger’s comment addressing those in the Christian community who reject Christian fiction, she knew it was God answering her question and supporting her work. The blogger explained how Jesus used over 46 parables or stories, to tell deeper biblical truths. Jesus used plants – such as the fig tree, animals such as sheep and occupations such as a moneylender to tell His stories.  Christian fiction books are also stories and they follow that same technique Jesus used.

Another highlight for Dr. Velma, was being blessed to help her 6-year-old granddaughter publish her first book in September 2020 – The Little Letter k and the Boring Alphabet Line.

Dr. Velma’s upcoming 2021 release is a return relationship-focused book entitled, If the Fish Aren’t Biting It’s Time to Change the Bait.

“Writing what God has already written on the heart.”

As a Minister, Dr. Velma has spent 25 years in Christian ministry and has held a variety of positions, including Bible Teacher for the Women’s Ministry. She currently serves as an Associate Minister with her husband and Pastor Dr. Bruce, and peaches a sermon each month.

Dr. Velma desires to inspire and encourage women to be all that God has designed for them to be in their personal walk with Him, in ministry, in their personal and work life. 

A mentor to many, both single and married, she does not hesitate to respond to a call for help, advice, prayer or to simply offer a shoulder to lean on.

She has a heart to minister, and understands the refiner’s fire comes even in relationships and its purpose is always the same – God burns what He cannot use, to prepare us for the very things we asked Him to give us.  Even the husband single women pray to receive.

“Living, Speaking, and Teaching God’s truths.”

As a Wife, Dr. Velma is married to Pastor Dr. Bruce Bagby and the two have been married for 46+ years and are high school sweethearts.  Her husband Pastors the True Foundation Ministries of California. They are the parents of two adult daughters, have one son-in-law (who developed and manages her media) and three beautiful grandkids.

“I am loving, supporting and growing with my family.”

CEO/Founder Adoni Publishing, LLC – 2020

Dr. Velma, Certified Christian Dating/Relationship Coach – 2020

American Assoc. of Christian Counselors (Coaches (AACC) -2020

Doctorate in Theology (Th.D.) – 2018

Author – 2018

Bible Teacher SWCC School of Biblical Studies & Seminary – 2011

Ordained Minister of the Gospel – 2009

Masters in Theology – 2009

Christian Education/ACE Homeschool Curriculum -2007-2009

Other Experience:

State Administrator, Deputy Division Chief – 38 years

Careers Coaching – occupational assessment, job search/ job development/training

SWOT Analysis Training- Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat

Staff/Project/Program Development

Organizational/Program Management

Change Management/Continuous Improvement

Training/Management Development