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Adoni Author Kai Mahalyn Reads for ReadMasters for UK Teachers

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WATCH: Kai Mahalyn reads her book, The Little Letter k and the Boring Alphabet Line, live on Budsies Boredom Busters show.

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Interview with Ms. Queenie of CBLR – September 18, 2020

Seeking a Mate Requires Wise Guidance
Guest Blogger: Dr. Velma Bagby

Throughout God’s Word, He provides us direction to help us live a successful Christian life in Him. God’s direction includes His desire for women, to experience the joy of their mate’s arrival, love and marriage.  Dating and seeking a mate requires wise guidance, but some fall short of their own success in discovering their mates because of the absence of wisdom.  This happens even though we have access to scripture full of wise guidance and emphasizes the importance of using wisdom to make informed choices.

How does scripture explain the importance of using wisdom?

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Interview with Ms. Queenie of CBLR – October 20, 2019